Emiliano Morbioli Was born in Rome on May 10, 1987. After obtaining a diploma in language studies, he pursued his education in graphic design and achieved a master's in digital marketing. Passionate about photography, he moved to Brussels in 2014, where he met Valerio Nicolosi who worked with him as his videomaker assistant. He began by collaborating with Sky tg24, Mediaset, Rainews, Zoomin.tv, and Canal7. He carried out social and migratory reports, such as "100PAP" or "The last day: Calais." In 2016, he followed the terrorism attack in Brussels and the capture of Salah Abdeslam. in 2017, he covered the G20 in Hamburg. In 2018 he returned to Italy, where he currently focuses on political events and demonstrations. He actively collaborates in the realization of documentaries such as the "ritorno al lago che combatte". Now, he is collaborating with Ansa Europa in Italy on the topic of European funds for agriculture and Local Team news agency.